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The puppy phase has a big impact. At that stage, you are building the fundaments which will decide how you will live together with your dog. During the puppy coaching or dog training sessions, I focus on personal advice. You have the option to buy a fixed training packet (for puppy's until 6 months) or create your own traject by booking coaching sessions.


All sessions are individual. The coaching and training sessions can take place at my home or in your home, garden or nearby park. We adapt the visits to your working hours, depending on your availability: morning, afternoon, evening,... together we will figure it out. 

Puppy packets

It's possible, but not obligatory, to take an intro meeting of 30 min puppy advice before starting a packet (€ 30). This allows you to ask many questions and get to know me better. Next, you can choose any of the packets below.

maddie's dog academy puppy packets october 2022 EN.jpg

Behaviour advice & coaching sessions

You got your first puppy and you don't know how to handle some challenges? You want to know what's the correct way to play with your dog or how to react when he softly bites your hand? You raised an amazing puppy, but he changed in his teenage phase? You don't understand certain behaviour of your dog or you would like to change some? Sometimes it's necessary to dare to ask help to make sure the problems don't become worse. Together we search for an ideal solution for your specific situation.

Depending on the needs of the dog and the requests of the owners I zoom in on topics such as

  • advice on communicating with your dog

  • advice on raising your puppy

  • socialization

  • interaction with your dog

  • etc.

I can also help when your dog

  • is afraid of leaving the house or is afraid of certain stimuli,

  • howls, barks or destroys when left alone at home,

  • is afraid of storms or certain sounds,

  • licks or chews hair or paws excessively,

  • shows signs of hyperactivity and inability to control emotions,

  • is depressed, has problems with acclimatization after staying in a shelter or losing a companion dog,

  • needs help to be introduced to another pet at home,

  • chases moving objects,

  • doesn’t want to give back toys or found things

  • exhibits other problem behaviors or phobias.

We always start off with an intake meeting of 1h-1,5h. In this meeting, at the dog's residence, we analyse the situation and define a plan for the coming sessions. In between, it's always possible to ask questions or get extra info.

Pricing private coaching:

  • intake meeting € 115

  • session € 85/ hour 

  • € 0,45 / km outside of 9032 Wondelgem (Gent)


For travel distances with a single journey longer than half an hour, I will charge half of the travel time + € 0,45 / km.

I follow the calculations of Google Maps.

Don't hesitate to ask for more information!

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