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Why puppies are the worst Christmas presents

Many children dream of having a pet. That's why, every year, children write "dog" in their clumsy writing on their gift list. A puppy for Christmas? Even if they are so cute, it's not a good idea. Even to offer an adult. In this article, I explain why a dog should not be the subject of a Christmas present.

  1. Before we decide to give someone a living organism, let's try to find out whether the recipient will be satisfied with it, whether he is responsible enough to make him happy with something that lives, feels, sees, hears. Does this kind of gift turn out to be a living problem that, as such, has its e.g. physiological needs, requires feeding, care, treatment, vaccination, interest, caresses and love. Let’s remember that this is a gift for many years in good and bad times. Let's think about what the recipient will do with the "gift" during the summer holidays, winter holidays, weekends and other occasional trips. Do all family members agree to a dog? Do you have several hours a day to devote to the dog? Who will walk the dog even in windy and rainy weather? Are there animal allergies in the family? Who will clean the hair and dirt left by the new companion without grinding? Who will educate the dog with patience? Who will take care of the dog when he gets sick? Do you have enough finance to cover the costs such as veterinary fees? These questions and many more must be clarified before, which is not possible if the dog is a surprise. Offering a dog to your child just to please him is not a good idea. Adults must be able to take full responsibility for the dog. For that, you should take pleasure in educating the dog and taking care of it.

  2. Family celebrations and family visits, a Christmas tree full of garlands and glittering Christmas balls, long meals, excited children ... That's about what Christmas looks like in many families. Because most of the time, these holidays are anything but calm. Think about it: what would a puppy or a dog want at home during Christmas? The arrival of an animal at home should always be calm and without any staging. That's exactly why Christmas is not a good time to welcome a dog to his new home. There is too much excitement at Christmas. However, a new family member is not a "surprise" to make. All members of the family must be able to prepare for the arrival of a dog at home. This preparation also involves teaching children how to treat a dog with clear rules.

  3. Not only children dream about having animals - many adults would also enjoy the presence of a pet at their side. Do you know someone who would enjoy a dog? Are you already browsing the Internet or looking for a kennel? Maybe you'd better give up the search. Even the biggest lovers of all dogs should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to take on the responsibility of raising a dog. Even if you are sure that the person you want to give away is planning to hug a dog and has already made a decision, she should be able to choose her pet to suit her personality, preferences and lifestyle.

  4. In many countries animal shelters refuse to give dogs at Christmas. Many animal shelters no longer give animals from mid-December, because unfortunately, half of the animals adopted at this time are actually to offer as a gift. Very often, these same animals meet again at the shelter in January. Too exhausting, too noisy, too expensive, ... These reasons often suggest that people have not thought about before adopting the dog.

Are you still planning to make your child dream come true? In that case, maybe then is a better idea to give firstly your child a book adapted to his age about raising a dog. With her, you'll give him the joy of getting ready to move in. Your child will realize the responsibilities of having a dog and after completing the book you can once again make sure that you are 100% ready to welcome the dog home. For very young children, sometimes a plush or interactive cute toy imitating a dog is enough.

Every year as a result of Christmas presents several thousand dogs are abandoned or killed. Don't be an executioner. Dogs are no toys!

I hope that when we consider giving someone a living animal we will show appropriate responsibility in this respect and I wish everyone that a few days after the party the bunny would not land in the trash bin, the kitty would not be released in the surrounding allotments, and the dog at best he wasn't given to the shelter. A dog is not a toy! You can't play with it and put it on the shelf when you get bored, let alone give it to another random person or throw it out the door. Remember - a dog is a living being who has feelings. He enjoys when he is loved and suffers when he is abandoned and lonely. If you decide on a dog, take into account that you choose a friend to the grave board, who will accompany you faithfully as long as he can. Do not hurt his dog's heart and be for him not only the owner and host, but also the best companion of life.

Merry Christmas!

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