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What is the best way to feed your dog?


Proper nutrition is very important. It's essential for long-term health, quality of life and has a big impact on behaviour. Unfortunately selecting food is now more difficult than ever. So many choices and pet food brands spend tons of money on marketing showing off their nutrition as the best.

Variety is important. Pet dogs are often expected to eat the same kibbles twice daily for their whole life. That's quite sad compared to free-ranging dogs. They are really scavengers and will vary a lot in their nutrition. You can of course upgrade your dog's food by adding some healthy food:

  • Carrots

  • Celery

  • Cucumber

  • Meat (cooked or raw)

  • Fish (cooked)

  • Eggs

However, to create full diners for your dog can be time-consuming, expensive and quite a hassle!

Freshly cooked food delivered to your door is growing in popularity. This brings the benefits of a fresh, minimally processed diet for your dog without the 'ick' factor of a raw diet or having to put in all the work.  A 2003 study showed that dogs fed 'real food' live on average 30% longer than those fed commercial dog food (Lippert and Sapy 2003)

We personally order at Dog Chef. They cook fresh dogmeals with natural and fresh ingredients without artificial preservatives. They are frozen and delivered for free to your home.


We defreeze them in the fridge and Snow, our Golden Retriever, gets a portion every evening. We combine it with his normal kibble.

The price depends on the weight of your dog and if you want to feed them purely Dog Chef or combine it with normal kibble. They deliver to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France.

We partnered up with them and can give you a 30% discount on your first order.  Click on the link below or use the code 'NTFPF'

We are nutritional experts, however, we share our own experience of feeding our dogs

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