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Dog Behaviour Expert & Puppy Coach
About Me

I'm Magda, the founder of Maddie's Dog Academy. I always was a dog lover and some years ago I decided to switch my career from civil engineer to dog behaviour expert. As a Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE)  & PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe) certified dog trainer and dog behaviour expert, I'm skilled in using science-based positive reinforcement training and behaviour modification techniques. I'm experienced in helping reduce fear, anxiety, and stress. I love to teach your dog in an effective way and puts a lot of effort in the socialization of puppies.

I use my passion for animal psychology to improve the relationship between the owner and the dog. My dream is to have a world where every person understands how to communicate with dogs. This would avoid sending dogs to the animal shelter because they are ‘out of control’ or putting dogs to sleep because they are ‘aggressive’. 


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My services



Till the age of about 16 weeks, your puppy is in the most crucial phase of its development. The way you interact with your puppy during the first days and weeks determines how he will behave as an adult dog later. It’s my task to show people how to communicate with dogs the right way and how to react to unwanted behaviour. By having a good start, you can avoid problems at a later stage. 


In the first months of the puppy, we focus on socialization, potty training, learning to stay alone, basic commands, walking on the leash, ...


Private dog behaviour consults

Working with a private behaviour expert has many advantages: 

  • Learning in a trusted environment, at your own pace.

  • Being independent to the training hours of a dog school or club

  • With detailed explanation about the underlying influencing reasons

  • A program completely tailored made for you and your dog.

I focus mostly on good communication and a balanced relationship between the dog and the owner. To reach the goals I use positive reinforcement methods only.

Moreover, I work purely with fear-free and force-free training techniques based on modern, scientific theory which enhances the human-animal bond.



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